I love to cook! After all, food is our medicine. To me there is nothing better than making healing food with love and sharing it with family and friends. 

As a consultant, I constantly hear from clients coming to Ayurveda, ‘What and how do I cook Ayurvedic food for myself and my family?' Once you start to understand and value the importance of food, what and when to eat, and appreciate the amazing healing qualities of simple kitchen herbs, feeling ‘body and mind’ good and connected everyday will become natural and you will want to maintain it. Waking up will be a pleasure, not the first task of the day! 

I have been gathering and developing Ayurvedic styled recipes that are easy to prepare, healthy and aiming to be tridoshic (balancing for all of the doshas). I have to admit that I’m not great at measuring amounts, but in preparing these recipes I’ve added in the quantities as guidelines only. I’m also mindful of no added sugar and keeping the gluten levels as low as possible. I love using homemade ghee wherever possible. It’s an essential ingredient. Please add or delete ingredients to suit your tastes and health requirements. 

Think about setting up your own Ayurvedic pantry with a good variety of herbs and spices, different kinds of flours, seeds, grains, Himalayan rock salt and a pestle and mortar for starters. If you can use authentic fresh organic products, even better! If you live or are visiting Adelaide, please come and see Jo and myself at the Kitcharee Kitch’n, 453 Grange Road. It’s a pantry to dream about! She is the Kitcharee queen and makes the best Kitcharee in Adelaide! Jo’s products are sourced from local growers, India, are organic and well priced! 

I want to share my recipes with you! They have been created in a home kitchen – nothing fancy or professional, just for the pleasure of eating well. Please feel free to use them, develop them, with the same love and care that comes from me. 

The plan is to continuously post new recipes, advice and tips about cooking and eating through Ayurveda. Ayurveda comes from the heart and is for everyone to share. 

Your feedback is always welcome.