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Dr. Gurnam Singh Saini is the director of Pure Herbal Ayurveda, Northcote, Melbourne.

Dr. Gurnam is a highly qualified Ayurvedic physician. He is a graduate in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (B.A.M.S.) from Baba Farid University of Health Sciences in India. 

Dr. Saini is dedicated and enthusiastic about Ayurvedic Medicine and naturopathic treatments. He is constantly researching the scope of both of these sciences to find ways to reduce and cure the growing number of medical conditions.

Dr. Saini has years of experience and knowledge in bringing clients back to a their natural place of well-being with thorough diagnosis, herbal medicine and bodywork treatments.  


Dr. Pooja Saini is the director of Pure Herbal Ayurveda, Northcote, Melbourne.

Dr. Pooja Saini is a specialist in natural cures for surgical diseases; chronic wounds; the digestive system; chronic diseases; joint problems and children’s health.  

Dr. Pooja is also a graduate in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (B.A.M.S.) from Baba Farid University of Health Sciences in India.  She is an expert in Women Infertility Disorders and has experience of more than 10 years in researching and practicing Ayurveda and naturopathic therapies.

Dr. Pooja has also completed a Master in Nurse Practitioner from Deakin and Latrobe University in Melbourne and also works as a part-time Nurse Unit Educator.

Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic

413 High Street

Northcote, Victoria, 3070


M: 0430 799 515

Gary Mills is the director of Hatha Yoga Shala.


Hatha Yoga involves the cultivation, balancing, and integration of the elements that form the human constitution. It begins with it’s focus on developing the physical form and moves it’s effect inwards. It’s aim is to uplift the practitioner to increased health, vitality, and awareness.

Gary Mills is the director of the Adelaide Hatha Yoga Shala and is authorised to teach the Shadow Yoga system of Hatha Yoga by its founder Shandor Remete and director Emma Balnaves.

Gary has been teaching yoga on a full time basis since 2003 and became the director of the Yoga Shala in 2005. He teaches classes for groups and individuals, schools, colleges, and corporations.

Hatha Yoga Studio

172 Hutt Street 

Adelaide, SA, 5000

P:  (08) 8223 2902

Albert Hennink is the director of Dharana Sanctuary and is a yoga teacher and spiritual healer.


Albert has enlightened many others with his own unique style, powerful yoga instruction and philosophy for over 40 years. Truly dedicated to the awakening of spiritual intelligence and inner awareness.

In his time, he established a popular yoga and natural therapy college. He has personally trained many yoga teachers and facilitated numerous personal growth workshops.

He has a personal ideology to live and teach in accordance with the ancient laws of nature and principles of yoga. Giving him the ability to nurture and instill well-being in others.  

Albert says,

“When the body, mind and emotions are in balance, natural healing will always occur."
"We constantly are regenerating our bodies, making ourselves either sicker or healthier, depending on the choices we make.”

The five modalities Albert works are: yoga, counselling, kinesiology, hyper-tone muscle release and polarity balancing. 

Albert has studied with highly respected masters and teachers in India, America and Australia.

 Dharana Sanctuary

M: 0400 015 644


Jo Stutley is the director and founder of Kitcharee Kitch'n, the best certified organic spices and legumes in South Australia. 

Kitcharee Kitch’n

458 Grange Road 

Fulham Gardens, South Australia  

M: 0499 001 660

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