Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant

Lee is the Founder and Director of AnAmaya Ayurveda.

In the past she owned a creative design home business - inXtreme Design for 10 years. She has worked in Education, as a personal assistant and also within the corporate world of creative design and marketing.

Lee is passionate about Ayurveda and how this ancient knowledge can be a life-changing experience for all of us. She strongly believes,

"Adopting an Ayurvedic lifestyle will bring you back to your authentic self, your true place of happiness and well-being simply by incorporating specific dietary, exercise and lifestyle changes for your doshic imbalances."

I can remember the exact moment Ayurveda found me about 5 years ago. It was my most significant a-hah moment - ever!

It was most definitely time for change to occur in my life!  I was over weight emotionally and physically in every way. I knew that I am my most happiest in a learning environment, so I sought out further education, locally, nationally
and internationally then looked at how best to change my lifestyle, spirituality, career - I went for the big life makeover package and haven’t looked back since!  Life is way too short to hold back no matter what!

I created AnAmaya Ayurveda because of my driving passion to help others find their way again by adopting the many healing principals of Ayurveda to live a long, happy and abundant life.

Learning the ancient knowledge will never be over for me and neither will the journey to be self-realised ever come to an end.  

Feeling very grateful these days...

Bodywork treatments are also a very important part of this healing process. Lee has been trained by excellent teachers in Australia and
in India, the birthplace of Ayurveda.

Lee has been studying Ayurveda for several years now and is a certified Ayurveda Lifestyle Consultant.

Her studies will never be completed as she has dedicated her life to the continuous learning of all things Ayurveda.